Saturday, March 23, 2013

Can't eat this?

I love it when people will say to me , "You can't eat this Michael because of you got the Diabetes."  My answer is always a snappy

"I can eat pretty much anything that will fit in my mouth that I can chew up and swallow!"

What they actually mean is that certain foods are not good for you when you got "The Bad Diabetes"!!

I have news for the world....  whether you have "The Bad Diabetes" or not, there are a lot of foods that are not in any of our best interest to consume.  In fact if people would only quit eating these foods, they would disappear from our food store shelves.  That is the way demand side economics works.

Here is the #fact.  If a food is bad for a diabetic (no matter what the variety) it is bad for someone without a chronic disease. i.e. calorie dense foods when consumed on a regular basis, chemicals, toxins (yes there are chemicals and toxins in our food supply) read any book on "natural nutrition" and they all identify this as a problem and there are a lot of long term studies that indicate the same i.e. "THe China Study"

This blog post is not intended to educate you about what you put in your mouth, it is only intended to make you think about it whether you have "THe Bad Diabetes" or not.

There are not 4 food groups, there is no food pyramid and we do not have cartoon creatures from the sun coming down to melt the polar ice caps. These are only marketing gimics.

Reality is that there are 3 food groups, protien, fat and carbohydrate

Protien is not a synonim for meat - it is described by the 8 essential amino acids that form a complete protien and are essential because the rest of the amino acids that we need to survive and build our bodies are derived from these 8.  Don't worry about how, your body already knows what to do with them.  You don't have to get all of them at the same source/food or even the same meal, but if you feel compelled and are on a plant based diet, you can get all 8 from Quinoa.  Don't know what it is, google it.  All I can say is it is delicious.

Carbohydrate is not synonomous with pasta and bread, although it can be found there.  This is the primary fuel source our bodies run on, particularly when the exertion is extreme.  It can be found in most things that we describe as food, but some foods are a lot more dense with them than others for example, ounce for ounce a snickers bar or pasta will have more than a grapefruit or an apple.
A little bit of research goes a long way for knowing these things, I have been counting carbs for years so I generally am very aware of the carb density of anything that goes over the lips and through the gums on it's way to my tummy.

Fat - this is what your body stores all of those extra carbs you consume and fail to burn.  It is also a food/fuel source and can be found in everything from whale blubber to avacados.  There are nutrients found in the fat that we consume that can not be found anywhere else (omega 3s for example)  Fat tastes good! That's right I love it in bacon, chocolate and guacamole (yum)  but it is very calorie dense, so unless you want to turn into a Beluga Whale yourself, these should be consumed in moderation relative to your activity level.

People are always concerned about burning fat and think that they can magically make it disappear from their bellys simply by doing situps or crunches.  The #fact is that even when we are in our most efficient fat burning modes.  In other words we are using stored fat as our primary food source, it still only is allocated from where our body decides to allocate it from.
I'm not sure why "our body does not check in with us to see which pocket of fat we want to burn from, but unfortunately, unless someone can figure out some mental gymnasic to gain control of this process, we are all going to have to  get low fat throughout our bodies to get those 6 pack abs, or perfectly proportioned thighs.

Bottom line, "YES I CAN EAT THAT!"  I just may not want to

All things in moderation my friends!

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